My Final Project At Flatiron

And with that, my time at Flatiron is over.

This was a long journey, but it’s really just getting started. I started off 2020 not knowing a lick of code or what it even was. Fast-forward and I’m now a master Googlertier (lol). Honestly in the first few weeks, I felt this was extremely difficult and wondered what I had gotten myself into. Thanks to the Flatiron community I never felt alone in the process. I think for people like me who need deadlines in order to get anything done, this is a great program. But enough about that. On to the project!

For my final project, I decided to keep it simple (or so I thought).

We have two weeks to build a full website using React/Redux with a Rails API. I spent the weekend before trying to come up with an idea and planning out how I would build the site, but that lasted well into the first week. The reason being that I was having a harder time trying to think in React as is more of a UI/UX way of thinking.

I decided to build a digital version of Chris Do’s (the futur) workshop for generating a business idea. The hardest part of the project was building out the forms and having them submit all with one button. Once I figured that out, life didn’t get any easier. I then had to build a generator to randomly select from their worksheets. Which wasn’t that difficult. The finished-enough project has a worksheet and generator that can be used to follow along with the workshop if you don’t have a pen and paper.



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